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Music at LCPS

What we learn in Music Class:

The music curriculum at Lee County Primary School covers the Georgia Performance Standards for Elementary Music Education. Students participate in listening, singing, moving, creating, playing instruments, and writing music activities that incorporate a wide range of learning styles. Students attend music class once a week for a 40 minute period. Each week students learn about a famous composer of the past or present by listening and moving to excerpts of their music. Children are provided many opportunities to explore their singing voices, move to the beat, and appreciate the expressive quality of many types of music. Reading music is an important skill that helps students become lifelong music makers. Students at Lee County Primary begin to read music using an approach called “Mr. Everybody’s Musical Apartment”. Using a story method, children learn to read traditional notation. Through drill and practice students are able to recognize the notes on the staff and play simple songs on melody bells.


Music Games

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