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Physical Education

We are having fun in Physical Education at Lee County Primary School. Our kids are doing a great job of exercising and learning new skills. Kindergarten students are learning how to perform non-locomotor and locomotor skills. They are being introduced to throwing, catching, striking, and kicking. Balloons are great for practicing these skills.

Our 1st and 2nd graders are still perfecting the skills they learned in Kindergarten. They have started using these skills in a lot of fun games. The kids love “Star Wars” and “Octopus”. Hula Hooping is also a favorite. 

We hope our students are beginning to realize the importance of exercise and healthy eating habits. Childhood obesity rates are at alarming highs. Learning to be active at a young age is the key to maintaining a healthy life. We would like to ask you to encourage your child to be active at home. Bike riding, jumping on trampoline, walking with parent, jump roping and swimming are a few exercise suggestions. Ask your child to demonstrate some of our daily exercises. Family exercise time would be great! We have a great bunch of students that we enjoy teaching. It’s great to see them move and have fun!